I wanna dance again!!

31 01 2007

Yep, Kanina pinost ko about dun sa math raffle program kanina. I was pretty jealous on how 2-Star,3-Star and 4-star was united, they performed their jingle rap. It was pretty cool and how I wish na ganun din ung sa star. Tapos sumayaw pa ung mga taga tanghalang filipino. Sana andun din kami nila paul and ni jonah.. kasi member din kami nun, well, dati. Sana makasali kami s SAC next year. plan palang e. Pero sana tlga.

May new contest sa school. Yung cheering competition. Sasali kami, sana matuloy kasi sa feb 7 na. Tapos sana isali nila ako, may galit yta sila e. 😦 .. basta un lng.. sana mabuo onestar as in ung super united tlga tapos magpeperform kami sa competition na un. Sana magkauniforms pa.. 😦


And the winner is..

31 01 2007

After buying several tickets for a month, The winners of 50 Goldilucks Cakes c/o the Math Dep’t has been drawn! And 2 of the winners is a member of One-Star! CONGRATS!! May part dun na nanalo rin pala kami ng bigger cake, indi consolation prizes, pero di na claim. Ang labo kasi ni sir e. xD

I hate this day oh tuesday.. :(

30 01 2007

Argh! Very nakakaasar naman today. I can’t wait for our science class kasi excited na ako sa lesson then nung last subject na before our science class, may nagcall sa class namin na teacher tapos pinasundo me so we can go na daw to DOST kasi nanalo daw kami dun sa science investigatory project. So I have to go down nga, nakakainis because I missed my science class, nanalo pa kasi sa project namin at magaganap ung contest sa 8,9,10..
sa feb 7, ung contest ng cheering sa sections, excited pa naman ako dito tapos sa 10 naman, may show kaming papanoorin, project and periodic na namin un so I really have to go. Pero di ko alam kung what will happen na. Sana di na ako ipasama sa contest na yan. I really hate this day. ARGH!

Want to Get Sorted?

26 01 2007

Want to Get Sorted?

a Slytherin!

yep! I tried this “sorting hat” website that I saw just awhile ago. Well, I answered these questions and after doing so, I found out what best fit me. I thought I would be a Ravenclaw or something, but I guess Slytherin is for me! I would try to post some of the pictures from the Test Week, and a review/ recap about it. xD


23 01 2007

la la la.. ^_^

Grabe! tapos na periodic ko Nyahhaha. Ang saya ng science. Sana perfect ako. 😦 Ung TLE for sure di na ako perfect. May lesson kasi na nasa test. DI ko un naaral. hayz. Sana mataas grade ko. Sana maging 98 na science ko by 3rd quater. Tapos 99 sa 4th grading!!

Nagikot kami sa circle. Aliw na aliw ako . Grabe. xD

I bought na a W.I.T.C.H. issue 56. Astig kaso I haven’t read them yet.I also bought this cool violet marker. It doesn’t look royal but it looked more funky because of the circle patterns. Sayang di ko nabili ung 60pesos na marker. mas cute. I also bought a new headset for our computer. May Microphone na sha uli. Nasira kasi ung old one. I also manage to buy an Item Transy A and a common bank 15 days kanina. 15 days muna kasi if 30 days ung binili ko, di ko na mabibili ung transy. ^^

Omigosh! hayayay!

22 01 2007

hayyayayay. ^_^

My mom bought a black ink n for our printer.. bawasan ko na sha sa list. so ang bibilin ko, commonbank(100), headphones(150). Nakita ko na ung old planner ko. ^_^ finally. pero hangang may nalang un. So bibili ako soon.

kakatapos lng ng periodic day 1 namin. Ang hirap ng math. I never realized na ganun kahirap ang HS math. Bat nung elementary days ko, kahit di me nagaaral kaya ko. O_O anyway, that makes up my day at the school. Im still too lazy to study. hayayay.

I want to be better.

20 01 2007

I want to be better. I want to change. It may be that hard but I believe I already have enough guts to be what I want to be. I want to enjoy my life.I want to grow already.

Yes yes.. Being a freshmen in high school is the beginning of a new journey as what grownups say. And I do realized it that I is really true. Everything changes as what a pokemon song says.”I want to be complete” another tag line from the commercial of Centrum.. yah know.. the vitamins? ^_^

I want to grow already. I want to mature yet I don’t want to erase my childish personality which makes me enjoy my life.Perhaps I ain’t tired of it yet but I know that soon enough, I will be.

Nah, I don’t want to change my personality way too much. I want to keep the things that my friends, classmates and my family like from me. I want to change my negative personality so I could be better.

Ofcoarse having a crush and an inspiration is part of growing up. Teehee.. this one makes me really laugh. xD

I also want to improve my english diction. Not that I don’t have fluency in english but.. I want it to be at its best.

I want to know my responsibilities. I want to see the indifference of my studies and my hobbies. I should know what to prioritize and when is the right time to enjoy my hobbies.

I want to read books. I know I have super maraming reading materials in our room. And about 95% of it are all magazines specifically playing around four titles: K-Zone, W.I.T.C.H. , Games Master and Game! Magazine. And about 5% of the reading materials are found for the books. These is what I want to furnish. I want to read lots of books this year. I know I’m quite tamad of finishing books because there isn’t any pictures or illustration on them. To improve myself it to gain more knowledge,right?

I want to finish my website already! I know this plan was placed around 2 years already. My 1st blog, randomreload.blogspot.com , was kept hiatus for several months and already been dead. I want my time to also revolve on my website which will be randomreload.net.. I am already sketching the layout and had preserved the domain name for it. Cheers!

I want my flyff to reach its peak. I am begining to reach my goal already. I had changed my job already to my goal 2nd job, elementer. But I am thinking of changing to a Ring Master.. hmmm..

I want to learn more about computers, programs, CSS , Photoshop and HTML. I want to learn to make deluxe layouts, which can be my form of business. Maybe. 😉

I guess that sums up my post for today. I will be out of the net for 2 days and I shall resume on tuesday afternoon. Ciao!!