Robina Hood.. Fascinating!

31 03 2007


This is a Fan-Art Jillian Seguban, my classmate who is really excellent in art, asked me to submit in the OFA Contest in … Isn’t Robina Great? πŸ˜€


Perfect World Online Closed Beta Testing Contest!

27 03 2007

The Online Game You Will Ever Want
There will be a new great game from Level Up. It has very interesting elements which I guess will really attract you guys. I hope you can try and join the CBT contests at and GM Tristan’s Blog .. And if you one, you can get a CBT account, making you enjoy the game while everyone sobs at jealousy! ^_^

Newest Questions:

1.) Complete the phrase: If I were the most powerful PW GM for a day I would ___________________

2.) If PW were a wrestler, which MMOG would be his arch-rival and why?

What are the rules/mechanics and how to join?
Go here:Click Me ^_^

Ozine Fest ’07!!

26 03 2007

We decided to go to the Ozine Fest ’07!! We absolutely planned everything already. Everything will be settled tomorrow..

What is Ozine Fest ’07 you ask?

Ozine Fest β€˜07

Brace yourself as we set another event that will surely bring you another unforgettable day, as Otakuzine Anime Magazine presents the third installment of their anticipated annual event, Ozine Fest β€˜07 that is set on the 1st of April 2007 at the SM Megatrade Hall 2.

This event will surely be another memorable one. Dubbed as one of the best con ever attended in the year 2006 where Ozine Fest was held at Le Pavillon, Metropolitan Park while Ozine Fest β€˜05 was held at the Galleria Trade Hall last December 18, 2005. Regardless of where both events were held, Ozine Fest β€˜05 and β€˜06 were literally jampacked by anime fans and enthusiasts.

Entrace fee is: Php 100.00

We will also be giving away special loot bags containing out of the ordinary freebies for the early birds. The special loot bags will be given to the first 150 people to arrive at the venue. The 151st and up to arrive won’t go anywhere without getting some freebies as well. The earlier the person, the better gift packs to be received.

Responsibility.. Changes.. Magic!

24 03 2007

Responsibility--in progress by Varethane
Responsibility–in progress by Varethane

I just heard kuya Micael’s impromptu podcast about Staff Reflections.. I was an old staff of PKMNph then, but I my chances were stopped by destiny, a problem occured and I have to rest in Pokemon Industry. I was sad but I have to take a break and I turned into FlyFF’s world. It was good naman in FlyFF, I got to meet my old friends and meet new ones aswell. It was quite fun. But my fate has to play with me again.. I missed Pokemon, I was tired of FlyFF, I came back to PKMNph.. but not as a staff. Yes it is true na you do not have to be a staff to make a change, to give your self a name in the world but lately, I feel weird and sad.. I feel that I haven’t made anything in PkmnPH before.. when I was still a staff member.. I feel that I was just a staff.. doing nothing.. just having the sweet things in those days. PkmnPH opened the staff exams. I wanted to be in again. I want to be in because gusto kong bumawi sa kanila.. yes yes.. You do not have to be a staff to make a change but.. I want to be good.. and parang mali naman na I will make a scene but I do not belong naman. This is my chance to be a person.. To be a real Ron.. to change.. and to spread magic .. I want to be humble and happy.. I want to help and have fun at the same time. I want to be the person no one knows. I want to be known for my good actions and being responsible. I want to make a big influence and I want to be known because of what I did.. Positive shempre.. I want to be a person na alam ng lahat na maaasahan at di ung basta basta lang. This is my chance. I hope I can be “RON”..

I’m soooo Taaaaaayyyyyyrrrrddd!!

21 03 2007

~ Picture by Lithiel..

Yep.. you read that right.. Im So Tired!! Tired of these homeworks, requirements, tests.. argh!
But along with these “pests”.. is the nervous feeling that these might be rated too low for what I expect.Yes.. yes.. the test are over.. and I am not that happy with my results.. I knew I can do better if only I can focus more than how I was during those days. I am so so so frustrated with these things. It really gives the A in Mad.. anyway.. looking at the bright side.. at least summer is getting closer each day.. but.. there is this but again.. BUT the honor list announcement is coming closer too.. and I think that I am not yet ready for them. I really want to be the Top 2 again.. I was really disappointed when I was top 3 na.. But I have to admit.. it made me inspired to improve.. but I just hope I did improve. 😦 I just wish that this things will be all OK..

Come On Vacation! I need you now!

17 03 2007


Hey everyone! We all know that summer is quite getting near.. and so does final exams. I have been planning on what do I do in this year’s vacation and what to spend my money with. Some may noticed my koripot attitude lately.. well, it is because of my money-saving act. I have been saving my money for summer although I spent some of it for.. err.. things.. πŸ˜€ Anyway, I have confirmed that my sister (who is my financier already ^_~) will give me a total of 3000 pesos this summer.. quite small isn’t it? but it would be ok.. its half will be given on April 15 and the other half on may 15. This quite gave me an idea because Pokemon Pearl is about to be released here in Philippines. I have done some budgeting with regards to this matter. I just hope that we would be coping with the School Ender problems, TESTS and REQUIREMENTS. We have to study study study. Just remember, every sacrifice has a treasure coming along. Be patient and goodluck with your school πŸ˜‰

Monstar Kara Hajimaru!

13 03 2007

Hey everyone! πŸ˜€ I just started(again) CGing the drawing of Jillian in my Adobe Photoshop CS2. Frank asked me kanina kung tapos na and sabi ko sakanya na it isn’t that easy. Because, a single art takes 2 weeks of CGing. Well, eto na ung nagawa ko.. I finished CGing Amanda,Paul and Me in the whole picture.. I will asked jillian if pede ko irelease dito ung whole drawing so everyone can see..

Here it is:
Monstar CG!! Ronald Amanda and Paul

Un muna.. Toodles!