Beck: Yuki Sakurai

10 04 2007

Greetings everyone! I am back with the Beck Series.. and today, I will introduce Yuki Sakurai and his dubber, Yael Yuzon of Spongecola..

Yuki Sakurai

Yuki Sakurai
Koyuki’s best (and the first true) friend. He’s the first one to talk about music with Yukio, even when he was targeted by some nasty bullies. They meet after Koyuki played a DyBre song in the school’s radio….. (just like in the “Shawshank Redemption”). He joins after the old drummer (Togo-san) quits because he had to help his parents with their family business. His brother (who’s now a baseball player) interested him in playing drums whem Saku was 7.The fourth member to join, he is the drummer, inspired by his brother, and replaces the original drummer of BECK who followed Ryusuke from his original band, Serial Mama.

For those of you who don’t know, Ysmael Yuzon, Yael for short, is the guitarist and vocalist of local Filipino band from Ateneo: Sponge Cola. He wrote most of the English songs from their album Palabas, which show his talent at tapping into the emotions of those who would listen. Fans scream for him and long to hear his voice, but in the end, despite all the fame, he remains a humble and down-to-earth person, which is evident with all the thank yous that pour out from his mouth.For more info about Yael Yuzon, Visit or their wikipedia page.You could also browse around his fanlisting here.

More Pictures:
Manga Yuki Sakurai

And now for a Beck Song..

Here is Follow Me.. I am sure that you guys will enjoy the beat of the song as much as I did.. ^_^

Follow Me By Maho and Koyuki of Beck
Follow me, Baby, I won’t let you leave if you belive in me.

And I allways set you free from all those yesteryears.

But you don’t know how much I got belive in you.

Verse 1:

I was starring at your sholder shivering,

in such a colder summer breeze.

Meanwile, I wonder why we’re here.

Look for the line between love and friends.

We’ll be twisting ourselfs again.

Verse 2:

I was standing at the the corner on the street,

watching the wheels are turning free,

Waiting to bach up on my feet.
Reading the line between night and day.

I’ll be twisting myself again.




6 responses

10 04 2007
Joven Luna

Definitely Yael Yuzon is one of my favorite vocalists in the band world… So, probably I’ll also watch this anime =) hopefully the dubbing will be great.

10 04 2007
Joven Luna

Yael Yuzon is definately one of my favorite vocalists in the band world… So, probably I’ll also watch this anime =) and hopefully the dubbing will be great if not great maybe good.

17 04 2007

Nice blog!

18 04 2007


18 04 2007

i love you YAEL!!
go! go! go!

23 04 2007

Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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