Beck: Yuki Sakurai

10 04 2007

Greetings everyone! I am back with the Beck Series.. and today, I will introduce Yuki Sakurai and his dubber, Yael Yuzon of Spongecola..

Yuki Sakurai

Yuki Sakurai
Koyuki’s best (and the first true) friend. He’s the first one to talk about music with Yukio, even when he was targeted by some nasty bullies. They meet after Koyuki played a DyBre song in the school’s radio….. (just like in the “Shawshank Redemption”). He joins after the old drummer (Togo-san) quits because he had to help his parents with their family business. His brother (who’s now a baseball player) interested him in playing drums whem Saku was 7.The fourth member to join, he is the drummer, inspired by his brother, and replaces the original drummer of BECK who followed Ryusuke from his original band, Serial Mama.

For those of you who don’t know, Ysmael Yuzon, Yael for short, is the guitarist and vocalist of local Filipino band from Ateneo: Sponge Cola. He wrote most of the English songs from their album Palabas, which show his talent at tapping into the emotions of those who would listen. Fans scream for him and long to hear his voice, but in the end, despite all the fame, he remains a humble and down-to-earth person, which is evident with all the thank yous that pour out from his mouth.For more info about Yael Yuzon, Visit or their wikipedia page.You could also browse around his fanlisting here.

More Pictures:
Manga Yuki Sakurai

And now for a Beck Song..

Here is Follow Me.. I am sure that you guys will enjoy the beat of the song as much as I did.. ^_^

Follow Me By Maho and Koyuki of Beck
Follow me, Baby, I won’t let you leave if you belive in me.

And I allways set you free from all those yesteryears.

But you don’t know how much I got belive in you.

Verse 1:

I was starring at your sholder shivering,

in such a colder summer breeze.

Meanwile, I wonder why we’re here.

Look for the line between love and friends.

We’ll be twisting ourselfs again.

Verse 2:

I was standing at the the corner on the street,

watching the wheels are turning free,

Waiting to bach up on my feet.
Reading the line between night and day.

I’ll be twisting myself again.


Beck: Chiba Tsunemi and Taira Yoshiyuki

4 04 2007

Great day to everyone! Today is a good day to give everyone not only one, but two band members of the much awaited Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad! Today, We will meet Chiba and Taira and their voice actors,

Chiba Tsunemi is the main vocalist of the band.He is the key member that Ryusuke needed to put Taira into the band. Compared to Koyuki(voiced by Sam Concepcion), this guy has more punk and rock motivated voice, like most of the band’s songs. He is notable for naming the band after Ryusuke’s dog,Beck.

Taira Yoshiyuki -The first recruited member of BECK, Taira is the bassist, and the most talented band member next to Ryusuke. Little is known about him, and his attitude may sometimes come off as uncaring. He has been seen working as a traffic officer.

The voice actors for Chiba and Taira in the Beck here in the Philippines will be Teddy Corpus of RockSteddy and Raimund Marasigan of The Sandwich.. These two voice actors are trully members of very well known band here in our country. I expect something that will show their potentials and I also hope that these two will give something that makes them pretty deserving for the characters.

Well, Here are pictures of Chiba and Taira:

For the Video or song rather for the day, this is Face

Face by Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Large lips in the motion
Trying to keep blaming on
As I say reason I’m late on
Find you turning
Laughing and smiling

Running over sometimes
Feel like you leave me behind
Now you don’t have to mind it
Find you shining
Everyday by day

Sing it up, my sister
In this world which everyone is lonely
Everything will be fine someday

Playing in a backyard
Hiding myself in garage
Since you never could catch me
Find you crying
Weeping in darkness

Sing it up, my sister
In this world which everyone is lonely
Everything will be fine someday
Some other day

Large lips in the motion
Trying to keep blaming on
As I say reason I’m late on
Find you turning
Laughing and smiling

Sing it up, my sister
In this world which everyone is lonely
Everything will be fine
Some other day

Sing it up, my sister
In this world which everyone is lonely
Everything will be fine someday
Some other day
Some other day

Video is by Pandaus of the Youtube Community
Information from Pinoy Exchange Forums

Beck: Ryusuke (Ray) Minami

3 04 2007


Yesterday, I introduced Miho Minami and now its time to introduce her big brother, Ray Minami.

Ray avatar Ryusuke (Ray) Minami is the character with a long history in America. He speaks fluent English, and frequently uses both Japanese and English in his conversation. He lives alone in a shack by the fishing pond. His skills and taste in music inspire Koyuki to take up the guitar. His talent in playing the guitar and writing songs is unparalled. The band’s creator, Ryusuke is BECK’s lead guitarist and band leader. A once younger Ryusuke and Eddie Lee stole the Lucille (a very famous guitar named after a woman) from the boot of Syke’s vehicle. This begins a deeper backstory of Ryusuke’s character.

My sources tell me that Rico Blanco of River Maya is going to dub for Ray.Rico Rene Blanco is the current vocalist of Filipino rock band Rivermaya. He started in the band as the chief songwriter and keyboardist. Upon the resignation of guitarist, Perf de Castro, Blanco with other session guitarists took over the guitar part of the band’s next albums. He also sang some of his compositions and a couple of times, has done duets with Bamboo Mañalac, the band’s vocalist and original frontman. After Bamboo left for the USA for personal and family reasons, Blanco took over the leadership of the band and has become the vocalist since and even after member changes. (info from Wiki)

With Rico’s amazing background and lots of experiences in this music industry, I am quite sure that he will be great when it comes to dubbing for Ray and singing Ryusuke’s Songs.

Picture time! Now Ray really has long hair. haha.. While Rico doesn’t..


For the song, Here is Slip Out !

Slip Out (Little More Than Before)

I don’t know since when I changed to such a cold-hearted guy
I have to warm this frozen, icy, lonely heart to thaw
I like being wrapped with warmness more than anything else for sure
I’m gonna make my coming days to be filled with laughter and joy

I let myself down that I’m more cruel than I thought I would be
I’m just a loser who ends up by caring for my soul
I don’t give my heart to no one cause I don’t wanna waste my time
I tried to love this loneliness to slip out of this lonesome hole

Sorrow is what I hate but it’s grown my sensations
Regrets taught me how to make any hard decisions
Peace is always by my side but I’ve never felt it once
Love is not the word only for the sweet romance

Well, I’m scared, scared, scared, scared to death
And I’m scared to keep on going on my way
Well, I’m scared, scared, scared, scared to death
And I’ll tell myself I’m special till the end

Recalling my torn, broken, aching heart of these long days
And all the memories I wanted to forget for making leaps
Recalling, breaking, aching, crying, making sure to me
And I take all and grin at my future on the way

That’s a wrap! Ciao for Now!

Beck: THe Characters

2 04 2007

As what I promised, I will be posting these infos I searched around the web about Beck’s Characters and the dubbers!

As for a fresh start, Let’s meet the lady for Koyuki’s heart,Maho Minami!

Sino ba si Maho Minami? She is Ryusuke’s sister and a talented singer with a strange relationship with Koyuki. At times she seems attracted to him, other times she brushes him off with little regard to his often ignored feelings. She also has a great voice and can sing as well.Maho attends an american school and speaks fluent English. She does not plan to stay in Japan her whole life and can’t even read or write many kanji. She is the first person to believe in Koyuki’s talent and she stands by him whatever may happen.

Who is the voice behind the beautiful Miho Minami? She is no other than Stephanie Cuaves. Not so familiar name ,huh? She is the vampire girl in ABS-CBN’s Super Inggo, yes yes.. Ava Abanico’s Cousin. ^_^

Anyway, here are some pictures of Miho and Stephanie.


And here is Koyuki & Miho’s duet song, Moon On The Water

Moon On The Water lyrics
Full moon sways
Gently in the night of one fine day

On my way
Looking for a moment with my dear

Full moon waves
Slowly on the surface of the lake

You were there
Smiling in my arms for all those years

What a fool
I don’t know ’bout tomorrow
What it’s like to be

I was fool
Couldn’t let myself to go
Even though i feel
The end

Old love affair
Floating like a bird resting her wings

You were there
Smiling in my arms for all those years

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad!

1 04 2007

Mongolian Pop Squad!

I just came home from the OtakuZine Fest ’07 in Megatrade Hall2.. It was really fun yet tiring. Anyway, Sam Conception and Jet Pangan and Stephanie Cuevas (Siya yung vampire sa Super Inggo. Maganda Boses niya. Do not worry with this fresh girl ) was there to promote HeroTV’s Beck. So what is Beck? Here is an information on Beck’s storyline intro from Pinoy Exchange Forum.

“It’s a tough world for the 14-year-old Koyuki: nothing interesting seems to happen, everything he does is the same boring thing as always and no one is interested about. What he doesn’t know, however, is that this semester is going to be something totally different for him. It all starts with meeting this cool Ryusuke guy with
unbeliavable skills with the guitar and his creepy mongrel called Beck that looks like a dog-version of Frankenstein. He gets together with his old childhood friend, this incredibly popular and pretty girl, who even makes him join the swimming team and has the sweetest personality and a taste for harder music that eventually makes Yukio thirsty for rock. Ryusuke has to start a band to compete with his arrogant counterpart Eiji and once Koyuki starts to hang out with him regularly, he gets sucked deep into the world of rock’n’roll: scouting out the best musicians for Ryusuke’s new band and getting to know tall about the musical scene, getting his first guitar and mastering the scales (with help from the most unlikely source), building up stamina and courage to challenge the most out-of-this-world dreams he has ever had and to finally get a direction for his future.. and it seems like that direction happens to “rock” quite a lot.”

It will be aired on April 14 ’07 in HeroTV.If the lines: ” I was made to hit in america” in HeroTV’s commercials these past few days is familiar to you and you seem to enjoy the beat of the song, you might enjoy this animé , well.. like me! I am currently starting to be addicted to animés again and I think this one will be on my list. Well, let’s just watch out for it on April 14! Here is the list of dubbers of the main characters in this show:

Sam Concepcion as Koyuki Tanaka, backup guitar and vocals
Rico Blanco of Rivermaya as Ryusuke Minami, lead guitar
Yael Yuzon of Sponge Cola as Yuji Sakurai, drums
Teddy Corpuz of Rocksteddy as Chiba Tsunemi, lead vocals
Raimund Marasigan of Sandwich as Taira Yoshiyuki, bass
with The Dawn’s Jet Pangan as Saitou Ken’ichi, Koyuki’s guitar teacher.

Airing Date:
April 14 – July 14, 2007, Saturdays & Sundays[11am with a replay in the evening(7:30pm) airing].


I will post songs from time to time and will be posting more info about the characters too. Oooh.. another addiction addition to my Animé Shows Love List!

For the mean time, recognize and enjoy this song muna.. 😉
Hit in America – Beck

Ozine Fest ’07!!

26 03 2007

We decided to go to the Ozine Fest ’07!! We absolutely planned everything already. Everything will be settled tomorrow..

What is Ozine Fest ’07 you ask?

Ozine Fest ‘07

Brace yourself as we set another event that will surely bring you another unforgettable day, as Otakuzine Anime Magazine presents the third installment of their anticipated annual event, Ozine Fest ‘07 that is set on the 1st of April 2007 at the SM Megatrade Hall 2.

This event will surely be another memorable one. Dubbed as one of the best con ever attended in the year 2006 where Ozine Fest was held at Le Pavillon, Metropolitan Park while Ozine Fest ‘05 was held at the Galleria Trade Hall last December 18, 2005. Regardless of where both events were held, Ozine Fest ‘05 and ‘06 were literally jampacked by anime fans and enthusiasts.

Entrace fee is: Php 100.00

We will also be giving away special loot bags containing out of the ordinary freebies for the early birds. The special loot bags will be given to the first 150 people to arrive at the venue. The 151st and up to arrive won’t go anywhere without getting some freebies as well. The earlier the person, the better gift packs to be received.