Track Someone by using his/her Mobile Phone!

9 04 2007

It only works on GSM cellphone networks, meaning it works here in the Philippines.

Uhm. Remember not to abuse it much. It’s currently on a free service. 🙂

Click this link to begin —> TRACK SOMEONE NOW!

While exploring the net, I accidentally ran to this website.. I found out that it can track someone by using only the mobile number of the person! Although I can notice that it gave a little error,I do believe that its quite accurate.Now, You can continually spy on people. The perfect map system shows it in 2d graphics or normal satellite view. It says that it can only work with GSM cellphone networks making it work here in the Philippines too! .. Remember: We shouldn’t abuse its capabilities ok? Its actually free of service and quite handy. I tried tracking my cellphone with my mobile number and it worked. The picture shown is really clear but it isn’t very detailed ok?.. so.. What are you guys waiting for?! Track someone now! Log on to Go Here



Robina Hood.. Fascinating!

31 03 2007


This is a Fan-Art Jillian Seguban, my classmate who is really excellent in art, asked me to submit in the OFA Contest in … Isn’t Robina Great? 😀

Perfect World Online Closed Beta Testing Contest!

27 03 2007

The Online Game You Will Ever Want
There will be a new great game from Level Up. It has very interesting elements which I guess will really attract you guys. I hope you can try and join the CBT contests at and GM Tristan’s Blog .. And if you one, you can get a CBT account, making you enjoy the game while everyone sobs at jealousy! ^_^

Newest Questions:

1.) Complete the phrase: If I were the most powerful PW GM for a day I would ___________________

2.) If PW were a wrestler, which MMOG would be his arch-rival and why?

What are the rules/mechanics and how to join?
Go here:Click Me ^_^

Ozine Fest ’07!!

26 03 2007

We decided to go to the Ozine Fest ’07!! We absolutely planned everything already. Everything will be settled tomorrow..

What is Ozine Fest ’07 you ask?

Ozine Fest ‘07

Brace yourself as we set another event that will surely bring you another unforgettable day, as Otakuzine Anime Magazine presents the third installment of their anticipated annual event, Ozine Fest ‘07 that is set on the 1st of April 2007 at the SM Megatrade Hall 2.

This event will surely be another memorable one. Dubbed as one of the best con ever attended in the year 2006 where Ozine Fest was held at Le Pavillon, Metropolitan Park while Ozine Fest ‘05 was held at the Galleria Trade Hall last December 18, 2005. Regardless of where both events were held, Ozine Fest ‘05 and ‘06 were literally jampacked by anime fans and enthusiasts.

Entrace fee is: Php 100.00

We will also be giving away special loot bags containing out of the ordinary freebies for the early birds. The special loot bags will be given to the first 150 people to arrive at the venue. The 151st and up to arrive won’t go anywhere without getting some freebies as well. The earlier the person, the better gift packs to be received.

Windows Vista!

28 02 2007

While I was visiting, I noticed that most of the new released skins are really vista-based. I kept staring at them imagining that I have them on my pc. But my destiny failed me.. haha.. I guess I can download one or two of them later.. perhaps after I contact a friend of mine who taught me how to use windows blinds program. Its really cool.. hey! I can post some here after I do some house chores, eh? Some of my top listers are: Royale WV Suite, Vista Plus and the iWin skins. They are really cool, you might aswell visit them there at!

Post yah later~ Holla!

Want to Get Sorted?

26 01 2007

Want to Get Sorted?

a Slytherin!

yep! I tried this “sorting hat” website that I saw just awhile ago. Well, I answered these questions and after doing so, I found out what best fit me. I thought I would be a Ravenclaw or something, but I guess Slytherin is for me! I would try to post some of the pictures from the Test Week, and a review/ recap about it. xD