Robina Hood.. Fascinating!

31 03 2007


This is a Fan-Art Jillian Seguban, my classmate who is really excellent in art, asked me to submit in the OFA Contest in … Isn’t Robina Great? 😀


Updates updates updates..

12 03 2007

If you guys noticed the updated look of Random Reload My Spell Book, I updated it as a teaser for the Random Reload which is planned for released on May together with its “other” part which is and is dedicated for our section for the year 06-07.. and is meant for updates for our classmates and.. to add a “little” spice and magic for our section and this will be moderated by its staff that I hope will be active.. and I also hope na they will be glad to be in the position..

Anyway.. I really hope that you will like the new layout.. well, it is just a patikim of RandomReload anyway.

Moving along, I would like to say my sorry to all because I failed to post something for a long time.. including the one about our swimming.. hay.. I am just so tired of this life. 😦 But I am surely blessed that I am given with several things. My hopes are up for a brand new cellphone (Argh! Everyone is having a new one while I don’t get any!) and Pokemon Pearl for my ds.. Probably a Nintendo Wii unit plus a Pokemon Battle Revolution(if possible?).. I almost forgot that I also want an iPod Video this summer.. X_X

sige.. I guess that’s it for a crappy post.. Gotta Go now!


1 03 2007

new layout. Changed it to this new layout aiming for a cleaner and brighter Spell book. haha..

I am currently talking to micael about the Random hmm.. the topic is getting better.. haha.. post info later!


15 01 2007

I have sent the link to this blog to some of my friends. I hope you guys enjoy reading the blog. I am still thinking about releasing it to the public. I’m still figuring out what might happen if I did. Just wait and I hope this will soon grow. 😀

Welcome to RonaldLuna’s Spell Book!

15 01 2007

Well, I migrated to word press ‘coz I felt that this will be a different and more exciting place to start a new blog! This blog still won’t be released to the public too much because this is where I am free to express my feeling, my emotions, my life. Unlike the Random Reload blog in the, this would be a whole lot different place. I prioritize covering events, instead.. I would like to be free to say anything I want here!!

Pede rin akong magtagalog dito if I feel, or perhaps magtaglish ako para mas malabas ko yung emotions and feelings ko. And again, I would like to welcome you to this whole new place. Hope to see you around!